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Migraine is a true organic neurological disease. A Migraine is caused when a physiological (not psychological) trigger or triggers cause vasodilatation in the cranial blood vessels, which triggers nerve endings to release chemical substances called neurotransmitters, of which the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HTT) is an important factor in the development of Migraine.

Migraine Sugars is a group for Sugars who suffer from Migraine Disease. Migraine is a biological neurological disease which can and frequently does negatively impact its suffers lives. This group is to allow Sugars who are also Migraineurs to share their experiences, treatments, and in general support each through the ups and down of this misunderstood disease.

This group can serve to debunk some commonly held myths about migraines and to educate non-migraine suffers about what the reality of what its like living as a Migraineur.

Please join if you have migraine disease or think you may have migraine disease or want to support someone who has the disease or find the subject interesting and have thoughts or ideas to add. Please do not join if you want to spread misinformation or be destructive, the migraine attacks do that without any outside help from others.

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