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Migraine is a true organic neurological disease. A Migraine is caused when a physiological (not psychological) trigger or triggers cause vasodilatation in the cranial blood vessels, which triggers nerve endings to release chemical substances called neurotransmitters, of which the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HTT) is an important factor in the development of Migraine.

Migraine Sugars is a group for Sugars who suffer from Migraine Disease. Migraine is a biological neurological disease which can and frequently does negatively impact its suffers lives. This group is to allow Sugars who are also Migraineurs to share their experiences, treatments, and in general support each through the ups and down of this misunderstood disease.

This group can serve to debunk some commonly held myths about migraines and to educate non-migraine suffers about what the reality of what its like living as a Migraineur.

Please join if you have migraine disease or think you may have migraine disease or want to support someone who has the disease or find the subject interesting and have thoughts or ideas to add. Please do not join if you want to spread misinformation or be destructive, the migraine attacks do that without any outside help from others.

Have you ever had an MRI or MRA that caused head pain and/or an intense reaction in the brain?

Posted By wackdoodle on Oct 2, 2008 at 12:07PM

Where is Dr. House when you need him?

I ask this because my friend and I both recently had MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with and without contrast and MRAs (Magnetic Resonance Angiography). We both suffer from almost the same form of migraine disease (Intractable Transformative Migraine/Status Migrainous). So we ALWAYS have a migraine in some form or another, either very mild or severe or one that never quite turns into head pain but causes eye pain, stomach pain, spinal pain, nausea etc.

Anyway, I had a new MRI/MRA a couple of months ago, July I think. And my friend Amanda had hers yesterday. On comparing notes about our experience we found that we were symptom-free during the first 10 minutes or so of the MRI/MRA process then the machine hit a particular resonance with the magnet field and BAM! intense head pain, throbbing a sensation of shocking waves going through out our brains which caused spasms, twitching and mild seizure. We were both gritting our teeth (I broken a tooth during my last MRI from trying to hold on during the procedure) and both feeling this bizarre stabbing pain through our brains as if our heads our trying to explode or maybe collapse during the height of the procedure.

I can only say that my tech was watching me on his monitor and stopped the procedure to see if I was okay because he could see on the monitor that my face was contorting, spasming and I was physically twitching uncontrollably. It was like I was being given an electric shock in the inside of my brain then along my brain stem then down my spine. Well, yesterday the same thing happened to my friend Amanda.

She went into the testing with finally a very mild migraine with barely any head pain and when the MRI hit a certain resonance she described what she felt in her head and she had the same thing happen that happened to me. She actually had a seizure during the MRI/MRA process. They could only say that they could see the sort of frenzy her brain was having. She left there with intense throbbing head pain as I did.

What on Earth? In posting on another site dedicated to the migraineur I asked this question to those who'd had a brain MRI or MRA or even an MRI or other body parts and about 6 out 10 said they experienced a similar thing. A particular magnetic frequency from the machine triggered these sensations and they left with not a headache per say but head pain like they'd been shocked inside their brains.

Anyone else experience this or something like it while having a head MRI or MRA with or without contrast?

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